Dream Catcher


Let PEACE be on EARTH!

Peace, peace, peace, everybody’s wish,
Let’s embrace our enemies with love and kiss,

Forget all the fights leave our insecurities,

Let’s start it in ourselves our yearning for unity.

Everybody is clamouring for the world peace,

Let’s stop the wars for the future of our kids,

Let’s spread our affection to all mankind,

Let’s start loving and have the peace of mind.

Let’s change the world and see our folks rejoice,

Unite the people and live life with joy,

Treat fairly and avoid discrimination,

We will be rewarded for the good actions.

Peace is when there are no crimes and wars,

Peace is when no poor and greedy anymore,

Peace is also seen as concord, or tranquillity.

Peace is loving, peace is caring for you and me.

Secretly In Love

If I could steal something from you, I would get back my heart that you stole from me when we first met. My love for you grows and grows everyday. I love you for so many reasons. You may not understand… But if you were on my shoes, you would feel the burdens and heartaches I am keeping for a long time. I love you in a distance… I love you in silence…